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About Us

Habilitas Foundation is a Montreal-based foundation that raises money for, and grants to organizations serving people of all ages living with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.

The foundation works daily with its partners and grantees toward a world of increased access, equity, and respect for all.



Habilitas Foundation works with and for people of all ages living with physical disabilities and sensory impairments. Through donor support, and together with our partners, the foundation creates and funds opportunities for improved quality of life for the populations we serve.



Habilitas Foundation is committed to creating an inclusive, uplifting, and respectful world that provides equality of opportunity for all, regardless of ability.



Habilitas Foundation’s work is rooted in respect and guided by kindness. Relationships are at the core of what we do. We strive to ensure that donors, volunteers, partners, clients, and members alike feel respected and valued.

Becoming Habilitas Foundation

Habilitas Foundation is the result of years of commitment to a better world on behalf of a number of organizations. Today, we are proud to be the foundation of record for Camp Massawippi, Action Centre, the Quebec Federation of the Blind and the Lethbridge-Layton Mackay Rehabilitation Centre. We are also glad to be able to fund others working in the disability space.

As we continue to evolve, we remain grateful to those who came before and helped set the stage for us to be able to carry out such meaningful and important work.


The Mackay Centre is created to support Deaf children.


The Montreal Association for the Blind is founded by Philip E. Layton as a social club, a Braille lending library and a sheltered workshop.


The Mackay Centre expands its services to include children living with physical impairments.


The Occupational Therapy Centre, later known as the Constance-Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre, is created to support adults with motor impairments.


The Mackay Centre Foundation is founded to help Deaf and physically impaired children.


Mackay Centre Camp for Deaf and Crippled Children (later known as Camp Massawippi) opens for its first summer.


Constance Lethbridge Foundation is founded to enhance services for children and adults with motor impairments.


The Montreal Association of the Blind Foundation is founded to help those of all ages living with vision impairment.


The MAB-Mackay Foundation is formed from the merger of the both Mackay and the MAB Foundations to consolidate resources and to offer a stronger alliance of services for the hearing and vision impaired of all ages and for children with motor and mobility disabilities.


The MAB-Mackay and Constance-Lethbridge Foundations merge in order to better support those of all ages living with vision, hearing, motor or communication impairments.


Creation of Habilitas Foundation, allowing us to expand our reach and have an even greater impact in the field of physical rehabilitation.

Our Team

Small but mighty, the Habilitas Foundation team is deeply committed to furthering the foundation’s mission.