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I was so proud of the scones I had just made. What fulfillment and sense of accomplishment this amazing new hobby gave me after my vision diminished! What’s more, my friends told me they were delicious!
Since my vision started becoming blurry and distorted about five years ago, many of the simple activities of daily living that I took for granted have become difficult to accomplish. I had difficulty discerning facial expressions or seeing traffic lights. Climbing stairs or walking outside after dark suddenly became dangerous activities for me.

Let me tell you how the amazing people at MAB-Mackay have enriched my life and helped me come to terms with the reality of my visual impairment.

Sara Jane introduced me to the magic of the white cane. I know that for some people using the white cane is scary and represents a certain vulnerability. I immediately accepted the cane and learned to move with confidence, even in strange places and in bad weather. I have found that people are very helpful when they see my cane on the bus or in the supermarket. The feeling of independence she gives me is so important and I had a great time walking around and learning with Sara Jane.

Another very special person I met at MAB-Mackay is Marie-Claude. She visited me at home several times to make sure my environment was organized safely for me. She knew exactly what to do, how to arrange the lighting and put tactile stickers on the appliances.

When my eye doctor first told me about macular degeneration, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and tons of questions.

When I told her that I had given up my favorite hobby of jewelry making due to my blurred vision, she helped me explore new possibilities in cooking. She helped me learn to cook and bake with confidence, cut vegetables, measure ingredients and fry with new techniques that are safe for people who are visually impaired. I had never baked before, and now I bake muffins, cookies, banana bread and quiches. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and allows me to take advantage of my creativity again.

I am grateful to MAB-Mackay for supporting me on this journey. Each person I meet shows positivism, knowledge and patience and helps me to learn while having fun.

With my sincere thanks
outstanding pastry chef


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